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Featured Support Plans

The Health Fabric store features a range of plans for different Health and Wellness themes e.g.  Hypertension, Diabetes, Wellbeing. These  are created with partners which are free to download but can be complemented with additional training and support. This page features plans with additional training and support and will be updated on a regular basis. These featured plans have coaches and health professionals attached to them who provide users with help and support for the duration of the plan.


This support and training package will help you develop the skills and lifestyle changes needed to improve health and wellbeing, which will benefit you over the long term.
You will receive ongoing support and encouragement to adopt and maintain changes that will benefit you. We aim to help, educate, motivate and empower you to make the changes you need on a personalised basis.
Once you have downloaded the plan, your information and activity will be remotely monitored and you will receive support from one of our partner health care professionals.


Digital Monitoring

Simple & Straightforward

We can help you make big changes with some simple steps. We will support you via email and in person via remote calls once a month at a time convenient for you.

Earn Rewards

As you progress with your support plan, you will receive rewards that can be exchanged for a set of featured goods and services from our partner organisation.

Trusted Community Content

Learn from a wider community at your convenience, as we will perform the research for you, and send you information relevant to you at your convenience to keep you engaged, empowered and motivated.

Receive Support

Receive personalised support and encouragement from our Health Coach who will be with you  every step of the way during your programme.