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Eleven Brindley Place,
2 Brunswick Square,
West Midlands
B1 2LP


Number 09727651


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Join us in our Journey

Become a Health Fabric partner to develop health and wellness plans and reach out to customers


Create Health and Wellness Plans with us and reach out to joint customers

We work with a range of partners through our partner programme. Health & Wellness partners to create health plans with us, this partners can also become commercial Health Monitoring Partners to provide clinical or coaching expertise.

Partner programme levels

Partner Programme - Standard Level 

If you are a clinician or an organisation that specialises in a certain health pathway,  you can work with us to co create a health or wellness plan. The plan may consist of a number of activities that you would like your users to follow, in conjunction with self-help content. Once you have created the plan, users can access this self-management plan through the Health Companion App.

What will you get ? - You will be provided with a web based dashboard to provide near real time monitoring of the population who have downloaded the plan, and be able to interact with the individuals who have opted into your plan.

Partner Programme - Enhanced Level

If you are a clinician or an organisation that specialises in a certain health pathway, you can create a Health Plan and then provide private health monitoring services to your population. We work with you to co-create a health and wellness plan.

What will you get ? - You provide the clinical or expertise around Health Monitors and coaches, and users can book and pay for time slots via our platform to access your time and services. During your consultation with the users of your health plan, you have access to the information generated by the user to best support their health needs.








Service Fee


Create a Health and Wellness Plan

Set up reminders and Alerts for service user

Set up daily tasks for service user

Enable points and rewards for service user

Service user opted in dasboards and reports

Virtual consultations with service user

Enable customised rewards for service user

Apply your cost rates for virtual consultations

Appointments and sheduling for paid appts

Payment charges, and collection

Preventative Health

By working together we can implement a preventative health strategy for a specific customer base.

Plan Development

We will work together to understand the health plans that need to be developed, and the rules and health protocols that need to be supported.

Customer engagement

We can work together to understand how to keep customers engaged through the service that we provide.

Ongoing Monitoring

We work with Partners to enable private health Monitoring services, and connect health specialists to paying consumers


We will work together to understand the what rewards to provide to the customer and under what conditions this should be done