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Monitor the health of a loved one

Proactively support the health needs of someone you care about using our Friends and Family app.

If your family member has downloaded the MyHealthFabric app they can invite you to help them in their health goals.
They have the ability to add you as a contact and then invite you to view their data, at which point you will receive a link to the Friends and Family app
You will get access to your family members information via a Friends and Family App



By being connected to the healthcare actions and goals of your loved one, you will reduce your anxiety


Has your loved one not logged in ? Not taken their Blood Pressure for a while ? Not Entered their Glucose reading ? Understand their compliance


Work in partnership with your relative to try and understand when to escalate trough proactive self management

Get started today

A Link for an application for the family member

Information on what Self-Help plans may be useful for the user.

Videos and self-help guides for different long term conditions ( i.e. Diabetes, COPD, Hypertension )

Ongoing support and health information, including monthly analytics on the person you are supporting