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Our eCard & Coaching Combo's allow you to send more than just well wishes..

Traditional eCards allow you to send well wishes but our eCards also incorporate health and wellness plans that your recipient can follow using our app,

Once you send one of our eCards the recipient is invited to follow a self management plan to improve their health and wellness, and also receives a single 1-2-1 coaching session at the end of the first month - all for a one time purchase of £9.99.

We will be launching a range of eCards over the next few months, and are starting with a service around stress management, and improving an individuals self management around stress with the objective to improves ones self being.

Stress Management eCard & Coaching Combo

We all know everyone can get down once in a while, stress effects us all. Now you can show someone you care and help them help themselves by send them  our eCard & Coaching Combo for £ 9.99 as a one off payment for the month.  Its more than a card it’s a virtual daily support plan, containing focus areas to manage stress and wellness,  their with optional 1-2-1 virtual coaching at the end of one month.

Once you complete the eCard info the recipient will benefit from a 4 week plan which includes :

A personalised message from yourself via the eCard

A link in the eCard to download the MyHealthFabric App

The app will contain a stress management and wellness plan

A Start up questionnaire to understand relevant areas of focus for your recipient

Weekly emails and prompts to support happiness and wellness

Daily actionable plan, and areas to manage their stress and wellness

Access to a phone based coaching session at the end of the month.

Rewards and offers based upon how often then use the self management plan.

Create an eCard with us today and you will have done something to increase the learning and self-management of someone you care about. See an example of the card HERE. The most commonly asked questions around this service have been answered in our FAQ section.
You will also receive a notification of when they taken up and initiated your gift. It could not be simpler to send someone you care about a supporting message and actual practical support  within a minute- try it today below.

You can buy the eCard Combo, here now and enter in your recipient details online
You can buy the eCard Combo via your account on Amazon and we will request the recipient details via email, when we process the order.

Great Service that enables me to offer more than just words

Claire Simmons - Preston

Really useful that i was able to outsource good advice, by just saying hi :-)

Leon Cummings - Ealing, London

Great satisfaction that I was able to contact sis and gift practical support

Taj Singh - Sheffield