Hello { Recipient Name },

{ Sender Name } is thinking about you

They have sent you the following message as part of this Health and Wellness eCard { .....Sender Message .................................}

{ Sender Name } who sent this eCard knew that it was unique, as its just not just an eCard but also a way to way to support happiness and wellness ( which was very nice of them !). They have purchased you use of an app's content, which includes a set of tips for health and happiness, and support via an optional 1-2-1 coaching session at the end of 1 month use of the app.

                        Complete the questionnaire to get an understanding of your needs HERE

                        Download the MyHealthFabric app on focus areas in infographic below HERE

                        Start receiving weekly support via email and optional 1-2-1 session at the end of 4                      the 4 weeks

You now have access to great tool called the MyHealthFabric app to support happiness and wellness. To get started please following the instructions found here  :

Your plan will have tasks and tips for you to stick to. As you complete these daily tasks you will earn points, and as you earn more points you will be eligible for rewards which are attached to your plan. Your plan consists of some of the focus areas illustrated below. For more information on this service please visit out FAQ page, and we hope you enjoy this gift.