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Health Fabric delivers a range of health and wellness services through its digital health platform, and qualified partner network who specialise in a service, for example, positive psychology, stress management, hypertension and more. These partners create a library of self-management plans and provide coaching and monitoring to our customers.

Users access these self management plans via our MyHealthFabric app


We will be replacing our existing MyHealthFabric app with our next Generation App - Unity in Q4 2021 - Learn More

Pick a Plan - Live Better - MyHealthFabric

Digital HealtH & Wellness

coaching & Monitoring



Get access to the free MyHealthFabric app via the app stores which allows you to access a variety of self-management plans for a range of health and wellness needs. This can be based around long term conditions such as diabetes, hypertension – or weight loss or stress management.


The plans are provided by us or our partners. Our customers access this service through our free MyHealth Fabric App.


The free app provides:

access to self-help information, and self help plans coupled with

capturing healthcare measurements associated such as blood pressure, glucose and O2 saturation.

Capability to message via integration into Skype and Whats app.

Integration into wearable devices such as those from Withings.


Some plans can be upgraded to enable health monitoring via our health partners :

Health coaches or professionals offer their health services.​

Health coaches or health professionals can offer support by reviewing your real time input.

Support can be purchased so that users can  arrange a time slot that suits them.

Users have the ability to claim rewards based upon the number of points earned on a specific plan.

Rewards range from discounts to special offers based upon your plan our partner providing the plan

Friends and Family members can GIFT Health and Wellness Coaching packages and even crowdfund the cost of them



By being connected to our remote support for your actions and goals  you will reduce your anxiety


Whether its a blood pressure, Glucose reading, Weight or O2 Saturation, keep a track on what the latest readings are and what they mean


We will provide you personalised information on how to improve your health and wellness


With our support, reminders and coaching you will improve your compliance across a whole range of health and wellness needs


When you upgrade to a support service you will earn rewards for you making a change in the right direction.


Some health and wellness plans enable one to one support for a range of health and wellness needs

Take Control

Get started today

Get the help and support you need today to liver better.

Download the MyHealthfabric App


Select the plan you need


Start to self manage


Upgrade to by paying the fee for health or wellness monitoring or coaching sessions


Get the support virtually or through one to one sessions


Accumulate points and earn your rewards